Script Basetypes


In this tutorial you will learn:

  • about the different types available in flowScript
  • about arrays
  • how types are converted from one type to another type
  • some constants that are defined in flowScript

Base Types

Data is represented in flowScript with the following base types:

Type Decription Example
Boolean a logic two state switch true false 0 1
Integer positive or negative number without fraction 12345 -5
Real positive or negative number which may have a fraction 1.2345 1.23E-5 -1.23e-5
String a text "this is a text"
Object instance of an object on none  


Arrays store multiple base types consecutively and may even contain other arrays. The types can be mixed. Arrays are initialized by brackets [ ] with values separated by comma ,.


val = 42
mixed_array = [ 1, 2, 3, 4.5678, "hello", false, val ]
another_array = [ mixed_array, 9, 10, 11 ]

Type Conversions

The process of converting one type to another type is called type casting. Types may be caseted from one type to another type according the following matrix:

From to Boolean to Integer to Real to String to Object
Boolean   0 for true or
1 for false
0.0 for true or
1.0 for false
Integer true for positive values,
false otherwise
  value of the Integer
as Real
value as String
e.g. "1234"
Real true for positive values,
false otherwise
value of the Real
as Integer
  value as String
e.g. "1.234"
String true if
String is not
empty, false
Object true if object
is a valid
instance false
    the name of the
object or "none"

Type casts are not done explicitly but performed automatically if the supplied type can be casted to the target type. For example the print() command requires a String as first argument. All of the base types can be casted to a String according to the matrix above. Therefore it is possible to call print with any type as first argument.


The following predefined constant types exist in flowScript:

  • true (Boolean): a logic true value
  • false (Boolean): a logic false value
  • none (Object): Empty pointer to an object