NACA 4-Digit Series Airfoil Generator



The NACA 4-Digit Series specifies a family of airfoils that are created from a set of analytical equations that describe the airfoil's camber of the mean line and a the thickness distribution along the length of the airfoil.

The 4-digit designation can be read in the following way (from [1]):

"The first digit specifies the maximum camber (m) in percentage of the chord (airfoil length), the second indicates the position of the maximum camber (p) in tenths of chord, and the last two numbers provide the maximum thickness (t) of the airfoil in percentage of chord. For example, the NACA 2415 airfoil has a maximum thickness of 15% with a camber of 2% located 40% back from the airfoil leading edge (or 0.4c)."

The script uses the procedure described in [1] to generate airfoils with NACA 4-digit designation. When the script is executed in FlowModeler it creates a new project. Points are created for the upper and lower sides of the airfoil section. Then spline curves are layed through the points. The airfoil is closed with a trailing edge line. The airfoil designation can be entered interactively after script execution.